Urban dog subscription box

Store design for a Canadian subscription box for dogs. Plenty of informative sections and call to action areas make signing up for a subscription box easy to understand. Nexa Rust was used for the bold headers and Montserrat for friendly body copy.



The subscription box industry is highly competitive. Urban Dog Box wanted a website that used the best practices from the industry, while standing out as the only Canada based subscription box for dogs. The homepage was highly visual and packed a lot of information in an easy to digest format. The hero quickly states what the product is and uses crisp imagery to catch the eye. Users who need more information can scroll down for more specific details about the subscription box and to learn about the company's story.


sticky header

As users scroll to learn more abut the box, the subscribe button is always clear and visible. At anytime they can start the process of customizing their box.


easy options

The box has various options, but the simple dropdown UI makes it quick and easy for users to select the perfect options for their pup.